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How can this spoofer be stopped? They obviously are able to bypass much of Microsoft security under the guise of an pop-up advertisement except when you click on the add, the website comes up in another language other than that defaulted to your computer. The pop-ups are continual and extremely annoying: preventing the user from being able to see chosen content right off of Microsoft's very own homepage. Try it yourself. Just try clicking on one of the interesting articles that stem from the main page, and there pops up this annoying spoof. Click the x in the upper right corner, and in a few seconds, it comes back again, and again. Or is it just me? And yes, I've informed everybody at Microsoft already, etc.

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@wcb_123 Hi

Of course, this is rather your problem , Microsoft Sites do not use org.

I do not have it on any computer, scan your computer and write what it detected:

Microsoft Safety Scanner Download | Microsoft Learn


Hello ... @A1-A1 

I'll try what you say, but I don't think you quite understood what I intended to say; so let me try again ...


Let's say when one clicks on the article "NASA performs spacewalk to install solar array" from off of Microsoft's main website. You are taken to the new link and once there, the malicious pop-up starts occurring and re-occurring. The link to the pop-up is here ...


... it is a "pop-up ad" that normally is legal, which Microsoft normally does allow as a paid advertiser, but this particular pop-up is continual, annoying, prevents one from seeing the intended content, and quite obviously a spoof.


I assume you are unfamiliar with what a spoof is?????


My security on my laptop is up to date and everything, but I'll try what you say.



P.S. to last message ... the MSERT scan showed nothing


I opened a shared page and I have no ads, but in Edge - I turned off pop-ups and of course I have an extension to block ads.

Hello ... @A1-A1 


Yes, I did that already and reported this to the Internet Crime Complaint Center with no response as yet.


Someone appears to have hacked the LA Care website itself as I've been having problems with them for a while. It may be due to the switch over on January 1st from Cal Medi-Connect to Medicare Plus as in the past I've noted from other websites that "switch overs" create an opening into which hackers can temporarily slip apparently because while the victimized website is doing this "switch over," firewalls and other security protections are temporarily down.


If it doesn't go away, I'll elevate my complaints.


To make this problem recognized by the team, Edge is (Help & Feedback) -> Shift+Alt+I, and please add diagnostic data to this feedback, it will help other users too.

But I understand your frustration, how do you block ads?

But it looks weird like there is no security certificate, but I'm not sure >?

"LA Care Health Plan
Organizational unit (OU) <Not part of the certificate"

Hello ... @A1-A1 


Yeah, I did that about 4 times already.


Do I need to be on the linked page before I hit shift+alt+i ????


Again, you won't find the behavior to be usual as this is a spoof.


You only need to be on this page when you report it as dangerous, but to provide feedback it is not necessary, but adding diagnostic data in this case allows you to develop a fix for Edge if it is a problem on the Edge side , but it looks like this site is not properly configured!

Not properly configured ... O.K.

I'll go ahead and report it as dangerous with diagnostic data from this page anyway unless you recommend otherwise.

But you're sure it's not a spoof?


yes you can report as dangerous, you will explain why you think so and surely it will be checked, your conduct is fine, because such reports are now very valuable and necessary - thank you!

@wcb_123 I think it may have just been a really badly designed drop-down menu, I didn't notice anything funny. I headed over there for the fun of it because I think there's like a security AI following me around, but I'm probably just crazy. 

Oh, wait a minute. Looks like my browser / AI did a nice job blocking out some things (but not the terribly designed drop-down menu):


@Andrzej1, you don't sound like a nice person. Or maybe I read the tone wrong. 


--|| ESS

iso ? 🧐

Hey, off subject but I noticed on our profiles we have slots for 'macro', anyone know if those are for creating site hooks, or like, posting Excel VBA scripts for consumption?
hello ... he's o.k.

it's not a drop-down menu; it's a pop-up advertisement

apparently nobody else is getting this

sent it in anyway

Hello ... excuse the stupid response. I didn't see the picture you posted on my little tablet. May just have gotten a multi pop-up from a bad website that follows ME around, but I still think LA Care and their Tech Dept itself needs to be talked to at length as charities et al, as I've been told, are easy prey for hackers et al.
I have been getting the same popup. Total AdBlock does block it. But I shouldn't have to buy a program to stop getting a popup that I have no control over.
Total AdBlock? But I see you now get a recurring ad from them instead. Possibly THEY are the source of this annoying pop-up?
The LACare popup was there before Total Adblock was put on the machine. So it isn't likely Total Adblock is the source. I don't know how it is that I became the lucky one to have this popup issue.
I only mention Total Adblock because so far it is the only thing that stops the popup. The source of the popup must be doing something they shouldn't or it would be blocked. McAfee Total Protection can't find anything, Webroot Secure Anywhere can't find anything, Malware Bytes can't find anything. There is something that Total Adblock finds and blocks and so far only they can block it.
I just suddenly started to get the pop up myself.
I tried AdBlocker but it doesn't work. I searched on the internet, and this site is the only one with any mention of it.
It's really quite annoying.
Microsoft Edge has really gotten bad w/all the pop ups and such.

Hello ... @GoHack 


So you just started to? Can you remember what you did just prior to getting this pop-up?


Did you click on the link I mentioned in the thread, or did it just start appearing somehow?


BTW, does anybody know the phone number to the Microsoft Tech Dept or the reception desk at Microsoft?