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While I have Adobe set as the default application to open PDF files in Win 10, when I click on a PDF file or link from within MS Edge - Version (Official build) dev (64-bit), the file is opened by Edge and not Adobe. I want to know how to change that behavior.



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it's more related to your Windows settings and Adobe reader settings.
first make sure Adobe reader is the default PDF opener and then go here:


and turn on that option.


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it will force Edge to download PDF files hosted Online instead of opening them in the browser. 


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from there just click on the downloaded PDF file and it should be opened in your default PDF reader. 



Even without touching any settings in Edge browser, you can let the PDF file be opened in the browser then save it locally and open in it Adobe reader.


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Okay, I did make that change, and it is working as you stated. However, it is not exactly what I wanted. I would have preferred that Edge give me the option to actually open the file with Adobe, rather than having to go through the rather laborious task of saving it and then opening it in my preferred PDF application. Firefox gives me this option. I think that MS should investigate that option also. It would certainly make my life easier.


Thank you. :smile:

Firefox must be using an extension/plugin to do that,
i've found some extensions you can try see if they will work:



Also if it works on Google Chrome, it is very likely that it will work on Edge insider as well, it's just a matter of extensions and plugins.



I could not get the viewer to work, and your link to the reader is broken; however, I did get the reader installed and working one I located it.



Link is broken how?
i just tried them in an InPrivate browsing mode and they work fine.
so the reader extension now lets you open online PDF files directly in Adobe reader program just the way you wanted??