macOS Sonoma screen sharing alert

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I'm running Edge 116.0.1923.0 (Official build) Dev (arm64)  on macOS Sonoma Developer Beta 2 on Apple Silicon. I see an alert on my macOS notification area - Microsoft Edge Dev is sharing your screen? 


What gives?

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Having the exact same issue. The alert icon does not give away after fully closing Microsoft Edge, even closing the helper services did not help.

Also I think it's noteworthy that the same issue happens on Microsoft Teams too.
Same here, running Edge Version 114.0.1823.67 (Official build) (arm64) on 14.0 Beta (23A5276g)

Facing the same issue 



Forget about closing, the alert stays even after I remove Microsoft Edge Dev application. Logging out and back in doesn't clear it either. I have to restart my macOS Sonoma to rid of it.

I also remember getting an macOS alert saying Edge was using deprecated APIs when I started the Edge for the first after I installed macOS Sonoma.

Note also, the issue is not isolated to the Edge Dev binaries, it is for the generally available binaries as well. Edge team has to factor out a core system call (API) that Apple has deprecated in macOS Sonoma.

I'm disappointed no one from the dev team has commented. This forum must not be monitored by the Microsoft team.
I've upgraded to the latest macOS Sonoma public beta and running Edge 117.0.2007.0 (Official build) Dev (arm64)

The sharing alert is resolved.