MacOS - restore deleted user

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I screwed up and deleted my user (and all data) from Edge for Mac. What files would I need to recover from backup in order to recreate the user in Edge as it was before my brain fart?





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were you using sync? if you did, just sign out and sign into browser again.

Edge stores profile data in a folder with the same name as Edge profile's name. by default that folder is called "default". see if you can recover that folder. it's in Edge installation's folder or user directory folder where program data are saved in your Mac.

try edge://version to find the profile path in your system.

@HotCakeX Thanks, HCX. The first thing I did when this happened was to restore the Profile 1 file. That didn't work so I posted this message. After getting your reply, I thought, "Why not replace the entire Application Support/Microsoft Edge folder. Nothing to lose." So, I quit Edge and deleted that folder. I restored it from a Time Machine backup well before this happened and, just to be on the safe side, rebooted the Mac (which it needed anyway since it runs 24/7). When I opened Edge, everything appeared to be there with the exception of a couple of pinned tabs. The extensions were intact, which was my biggest concern (I use a lot of them).


I thought I had sync turned on before this happened, but maybe not. I will make sure I do it now.


Thanks, again, for your response.



you're welcome :)