[macOS] awful menubar behavior in fullscreen mode

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Hi together, 

I guess I can speak for all macOS Users that we are pissed about the behavior of the menubar when going in fullscreen mode on Edge. Few months ago I thought, I'll just try to ignore it till it gets fixed, but this fix never came and that's why I'm here :D.
It's not really a huge problem but the animation just looks rough, the placement of everything looks bootleg and that behavior doesn't make any sense at all, especially because edge is the only mac app that has this problem. (I guess it's just a bug, and nobody made the effort to fix it yet.) 
I attached images to this thread in case y'all don't know what I'm talking about. 
btw: I would have no problem to fix it by myself, does microsoft has anything like a community place where you can post code proposals? edge_fullscreen.png




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