(Machine translate)How do I get my website to support Edge's Immersive Reading features?

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When I visit my website on edge, I cannot see the Immersive Reader button. How do I get my website to support Edge's Immersive Reader features?(Such as adding a meta tag to my website, adjusting the layout of my website, etc.)

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你可以在网站头顶编码前加read:// 例如read://https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/discussions/machine-translate-how-do-i-get-my-website-to-supp...就可以进入沉浸式阅读器。该方法是自己琢磨出来的应该有效

@Archiebald 感谢回答。但是我的意思是说,为什么访问我的网站时,edge浏览器标签栏上无法显示沉浸式阅读按钮。并且在Android版edge浏览器中,某些网站无法使用您所给的方法进入沉浸式阅读模式。

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