Lost favorites after a update.. Again.

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Did people also loose favorites on the (or one of the) latest update(s) of Edge?

I found out that I lost a TON of favorites, but strangely enough only in the "Other favorites' section.
And in that section, only favorites that existed in subfolders.
But I didn't loose all of the subfolder favorites, sometimes one or two favorites remaining of dozens before in a subfolder.
But  most subfolders were 'emptied out' after the third subfolder in the list.

Very weird behavior to say the least.
Are there ways to retrieve older syncs somehow? Is Edge somewhere storing this older information locally?


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Hey @RobWuijster! Are the favorites that are still there older ones by chance? I'm trying to figure out some pattern to the favorites that are still there versus the ones that are missing. 


Did you have sync enabled? You mentioned it was the 'Other Favorites' folder specifically, but did anything else like passwords or autofill items clear as well? Can you visit edge://sync-internals/ and confirm how many Total and Live Entries you have for Bookmarks, and if that's (roughly) the amount you're seeing now or the amount you'd expect to see?


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Hi @Alexandra-R
My favorites in the 'Other favorites' section(s) are all mostly 'dormant' ones, so older yes.
So all remaining favorites there in the dropdown or in a subfolder are not recently added,
And yes, I have sync on for all devices I use, so everything is the same on all of those.

Weirdly enough, passwords, autofill etc. are all still working as far as I can tell.
For the 'Bookmarks Total and Live Entries', both values are 0.
Model Type Total Entries Live Entries Message State
Bookmarks 0 0

All values in that list are the same, no differences.
I turned off syncing for now, as I'm hunting down the most recent dump of my favorites to see if I can restore most of the missing ones.

hope it helps.