Losing Edge Saved Passwords

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Each time I perform a Windows 10 Software Update or perform a  Windows Restart my Edge Saved Passwords are Lost.


I started having Edge save my passwords in the fall of 2020.  Every Windows 10 update my Edge saved passwords disappear.  This week I noticed the same thing after I did a Windows 10 Restart.


I have performed several fixes I found searching the web but nothing has worked.


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Hi @BKbgosh ,

I have seen a few people, having the same problem.

...This is now a really bad solution, but till they fix it, I would recommend you an external password safe. I can recommend the "Bitwarden" password safe.

If you find a solution, feel free to let me know it :D

Best regards,

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No solution. Losing hope I thought posting the problem here would get some response from a Microsoft Tech Community. I've seen a dozen potential solutions using a search engine but none have worked for me,

Haven't abandoned my password safe, fortunately.

Thanks for your input.
I thought I get a bigger response especially before posting my message I had done web searches looking for and trying solutions.

The searches indicated to me that I'm not the only one that has experienced a problem.