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"I live in the US (St. Louis MO area). But MS Edge keeps showing stories as if I lived in Canada. How do I change the default or location setting so that I get US based stories instead of Canadian based stories?"

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Hi @wedwards2216, most web sites and services use your public IP address to get your location. You may want to try the following site and see if this is the root cause:


Where is my IP location? (Geolocation)



Hey there @wedwards2216! You're talking about the stories on the New Tab Page, right? Is your weather also showing as if you're in Canada? You can edit that location and confirm if it's detecting your location or if that location was input. 


For the news stories, if you select 'Experience settings' you can see the content and language of your feed. It sounds like that might be set to Canada (English), you can change that dropdown to United States (English) if so!


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