Localization problem not solved yet

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Upon new Edge Released, I submited feedback few times about small but iritating localization problems in my Language.

Reply from Microsoft never came back, so I am trying to expose my feedback here, again. Maybe someone can act and do something.

I am using Edge in Serbian llatin variant. All the time, NTP is in English and no way to change it to my language.

Its simply not translated.

When I am trying to translate any webpage, Serbian latin is not on the list of target languages. Just Serbian Cyrilic variant. Its the same language, but not the same sort of letters. Its looking bad, because interface showing Serbian Latin, but text is translated to Serbian Cyrilic.

The last thing I have to report, its typos.

Translation of all menus and settings are great, but some options and messages have typing errors. I reported it few times already from january, but nothing happened.

If someone wish to take a look, I will share those mistakes again.


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@agasoft Thanks for reaching out and trying again. We're sorry to hear that you're continuing to encounter localization issues and would be happy to look into this.


Yes, sharing screenshots and/or detailed descriptions of the language problems would be very helpful. After that, I'll pass this to our New Tab Page team and get confirmation about the expected language support behaviors.


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Hi there, sorry for my delay.

Somehow I missed your reply.

I will try to submit all screenshots to you.

New tab page is in English:


When you open page which not exists, this message is shown:


Instead "Me može" need to be "Ne može".

In settings/tracking blocking page:


Instead "Vremena su blokirana" need to be "puta blokirano".

In history page:


"Rezultati for" is bad. Correct is "rezultata za".

Its everything I could remember for now.