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see comment, because yesterday you have hidden it without any reason. an edge dev (or more) should simply scroll the various suggestion and pick all that should be added to edge. 


if the mod hide it again, then you should write me why.

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hello please check under "all", not just "active". i sended chrome a lot of suggestion about history, download, close/reload tab, etc.


Different problems (or missing features) are available in edge too, even if edge has some other points that are better compared to google chrome. 


PS: please ignore the won't fix status. just 1 dev simply add a won't fix in batch + ban because i sent 60 suggestions in batch, without opening a discussion with other devs. hope with microsoft such situation doesn't happen, and suggestion are evaluated from a team of different developers. at the end the goal is to offer the best browsing experience


All new suggestion will be written here, but since i already wrote such suggestion in chrome, i thought why rewrite all again. if you prefer that each suggestion is sended as single suggestion, i will do that.


another point: please avoid to implement such feature in edge! avoid to do what opera did too. i'm so happy you have the old good extension manager, and i hope we will see this in future too.


my background: mac user with over 100 mac user, 10 macs, 50 browser, i use all 4 edge browser at the same time with over 10 profiles (in future over 50 like i already do in google chrome), 100-400+ extensions installed and i spend a lot of time in configuration and browsing, so i see different problems that slow down workflow.  i spend a lot of time making a lot of suggestions to all type of mac apps too. so i'm not an average user. 



PS: the list include only basic suggestions. all suggestions focused on hoarding data still need to be written to the various browser developers, but i will do it in a second time, so that devs don't see 100 suggestions at once.

chromium new list is here: if you are interested. At the moment i send suggestions only 1 pro week or so (to avoid another ban and batch won't fix). maybe some suggestions are good for edge too; at the end edge is based on that.


Security suggestions are not showed, because only the chromium security departement can see it... (at the end i didn't see such problem with edge at the moment)