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 It would be nice to have all open tabs listed in taskbar, i.e show tab preview for all tabs. Now it shows only active tab. I usually have several instances running, each with several tabs. It is hard to find tab I'm looking for. It was useful feature in IE. Google chrome doesn't have that, but Edge isn't Chrome?
IE was much more productive in this regard.

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between Tab previews on taskbar and Tab previews under/above each tab, which one do you prefer and find more useful?

On a taskbar. Our company still uses IE, and we are migrating to Edge with IE mode. This missing feature hurts productivity.

@mindst Thanks for reaching out about this. Increasing productivity is one of our main goals, so it's really important to us that it doesn't decrease your team's efficiency. Can you tell us a bit more about how your workflow specifically benefited from having the tab previews in the taskbar?


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I usually have lots of tabs open in different instances of browser. With IE I could hover with mouse over icon on taskbar to see all tabs and then switch to required one. In some cases the same page is open, but title is different (intranet application), so it was easy to find tab with data you are looking. With Edge i rarely see required tab while hovering as it shows only active tab for each instance. So I need to switch to each instance of browser then look for required tab.
The tab previews that is planned to be implemented in Edge basically is for the same purpose.
it will be even better than taskbar preview because when there are too many tabs open, taskbar previews get messy and small but tab previews at top will stay the same size.

The tab preview was one feature that I use(d) a lot, especially when using PC doing research and general comparison type work. As a mechanical designer, it is nice to have a number of open tabs on Edge for research, comparisons, and listening to various tech videos whilst doing work. But, what I truly miss was the ability to preview the open tabs in the TASK BAR similar to WIN7 taskbar preview. I liked how I could just hover over the icon for a second or two and it would then show all my open windows - up to a certain number of tabs (which I think was maybe determined by screen size?). I ESPECIALLY LIKED the ability to use the scroll button click (MMB) to close them through this tab preview. I was able to close certain windows no longer used without actually having to open the Explorer window - it saved a lot to time for me and was really handy!


I added my comments also here:

This is a strange thing - Microsoft has created a problem ! The feature of having all taskbar items un-grouped has suddenly vanished after my laptop got the Win 11 update yesterday !!!
How can an existing feature just vanish ? DO they not test properly before going live ???
I need a solution for this.