Linux Edge - Hardware acceleration for edge?


HI Everyone, 

i do enjoy having edge running on my Linux machine (Manjaro). I also have it installed on Ubuntu.

What is the same under all installations and environment: There is no real hardware acceleration used in the underlaying chromium for Linux - as far as i can see (and read on the internet).

How you can see that? Very simple: Just start a video on youtube (or similar), and look at your CPU (top is enough) - you will find at least one core running at about 100%. 

Using edge, chrome etc. under Windows just runs with about 1%. This is a huge deal for me, running Linux on a Notebook as this drains the battery!

From all i understood so far - there is no real video hardware acceleration in chromium itself. 

Question: Is there any plan to add this acceleration to edge - somehow? Or am i wrong?!


(Please do NOT answer, that i have to click the "use hardware acceleration" under settings. Try it on your own, and you will see, that is has no real impact.


Would LOVE to see a browser supporting this (also firefox does not).




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Just submitted feedback asking for the same thing - every other Chromium based browser seems to support it (on X11, and FYI Firefox does support VA-API on Wayland). Maybe Microsoft is leaving it disabled until it works on Wayland and X11, but I'd prefer the choice to enable it now anyway (or at the very least know why it's been removed).