Latest updates fail on CentOS 7

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I have been running Edge (dev) on all of our CentOS 7 workstations and many servers for quite a while and been happy with the operation.


Unfortunately the developers have updated it to require glibc 2.18 which now makes it incompatible with Centos 7, and I suspect all of the other RHEL7 permutations.

As CentOS 8 has been aborted and CentOS Stream is just a bit too new to put into production the result is that I either just keep the old version or remove it from all devices which would be a bit of a shame.

I know I could technically install a later GLIBC package but these are production hosts so "experimental" packages which could cause any number of "interesting effects" with other packages are not really a good idea.


So Microsoft, are you going to either go back to GLIBC 2.17, statically link the requires libraries into the Edge modules or just drop support for the RHEL/CentOS community?

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Yeah, the last version that works on RHEL7 or equivalent is 96.0.1020.0. Versions after that (current version is 96.0.1032.0) require a newer glibc. Microsft did the same thing to Teams for Linux recently.

Fortunately I do not use Edge for anything but occasionally checking company websites.