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Please can we see a list of currently-available keyboard shortcuts? 

I am continually hitting the ones I'm used to from IE and Edge classic, and the results are entirely unpredictable. For example,

Keyboard Shortcut




Open Settings



Duplicate tab

Search in Omnibox

CTRL + K (in a text entry box)

Insert hyperlink

Insert Hyperlink (!)

CTRL + Shift + P

Open new InPrivate browsing window



It would be so good to know why these changes have been made, and what to expect when we use a particular KBSC. Why usurp Ctrl + K when CTRL + E does the same, for example?

Note: I'm delighted that CTRL + K in this text entry box works as it does in IE. 

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@Noel Burgess My guess is that all of these shortcuts are valid:



Thank you - I'll try them out.


It makes little sense to me to expect users to learn the shortcuts from a competitor's browser instead of applying the ones we're used to, many of which have been around for 20 years!

@cbomtempo This is very much not the case. Specifically Duplicate Tab (ctrl + k) is not a shortcut action in chrome. It used to be but they removed it several years ago.


Duplicate tab is one of my most used shortcut combos and it would be a huge loss to lose it.

@motomike I do not got your comment. Why it is not the case here? He asked for a list of available keyboard shortcuts and from the list that I pointed all that I tried worked for me. Maybe I'm missing something?

@cbomtempo Some of the hotkeys are not available in Chrome. As I pointed out, for instance, Chrome does not have a "Duplicate tab (ctrl + k)" shortcut at all. So the hotkeys are not fully equivalent. That is what I was pointing out. 

@motomike I agree with you. MS should fix that gap and add some missing shortcuts. I got confused because the initial topic request as a list of currently-available keyboard shortcuts. Maybe you could ask for it on the smile send feedback button. That way you can even track your request/bug by email notifications.


P.S.: Just a side note, I tried the Ctrl+k again while writing that response and it's a forum shortcut to insert a link on the message editor. :)

As this is being used to REPLACE the current Edge browser, then it should at least use exactly the same keyboard shortcuts as the current Edge... and ideally have the option to select between Edge/IE/Chrome keyboard shortcuts.


As well as making this an easy transition for existing users where the new Edge is effectively being forced on them by the migration, this is actually REALLY important for sight impaired users and those users who can't (for whatever reason) use mouse navigation --- keyboard shortcuts in this case are actually a critical part of how accessibility is delivered!

@cbomtempo but this is Edge and not Chrome, so the behaviour should be the same as Edge is now!

As a workaround for now, there is an extension (which has an extra Windows component) called AutoControl Shortcut Manager that is available from the Chrome extension store that allows you to map keyboard shortcuts to other keys - I have mapped Ctrl-K to Duplicate Tab (this is the one that really annoyed me as I used it a lot).
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@Noel Burgess Thanks for reaching out! Here's a list of all the current keyboard shortcuts in the new Microsoft Edge.


Hopefully that helps.


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@TheAndyMac This should really be built directly into the browser or bought up by Microsoft and open sourced. Having to install a non open source native extension for functionality generally expected from any modern application is something I would hope the Microsoft Edge team steers clear off.