Junk Emails in outlook and Microsoft office 365

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when i try to reply to a junk email to tell them dont send me anymore junk emails i allways get a reply email back from  the outlook post master saying that  it is a domain issue so how do i fix this issue as i dont know much about domain issues is there a simple fix to this problem or is it gong to to be complicated for me. Also at the bottom of this page what does it mean by please enter a value for this field. i thought this was a word typing document not a maths document 

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Hi @gazzy_1515,

You should not attempt to reply to genuinely junk email. Typically items that land in your junk folder are spam. When you attempt to reply you aren't actually replying to the crowd that sent you the message and so the reply "leave me be" message fails to send.

If the junk item is mail you are receiving because you intentionally/unintentionally subscribed to a mailing list, then you should use the unsubscribe option to get removed from the mailing list. Note though that any crowd devious enough to add you to a mailing list without consent is unlikely to respect your request and is more likely to sell on your validated email address to more mailing lists.

If an email lands in your junk folder but you actually wanted to receive it, you can move it to your inbox and add the sender to your safe senders list.

In Outlook desktop app you can auto delete junk items so they don't sit in your Junk folder and gnaw at you. The small risk here is sometimes a junk item is a legitimate item. To auto delete:

Right click an email,
Select "junk" from the drop down menu
Select "junk email options"
Select "Permanently delete suspected junk email instead of moving it to the Junk Email folder"

Thanks, Ash
Hi ash thank you for your helpful information regarding replying to junk emails bye gary