Jitter/Stutter issue when playing PlayReady protected content (Netflix, HBO Max, etc.)

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I've had two 32-inch 4k monitors since 2017 (the latest one being 4K HDR). The majority of the world is on 1080p or 1440p monitors. Those people won't experience this issue. Anyway, to reproduce this you have to setup you PC to be able to playback Netflix 4k/4k HDR. Unfortunately, there is a long list of requirements and 4k/4k HDR Netflix is not compatible with any AMD processors (unfortunately it's Intel only).


  • A compatible HDCP 2.2 4k/4k HDR monitor and GPU.
  • Make sure Intel SGX (Software Guard Extensions) is set to on or "Software Controlled" in the system BIOS.
  • Purchase HEVC video Extensions ($0.99 in the Microsoft store) and install it.
  • Make sure PlayReady is enabled in Edge settings. Goto "edge://flags" and search for PlayReady. Enable it.
  • Use Microsoft Edge to access the content.

The issue: mouse hover previews in Netflix jitter/stutter for around 10 seconds. This seems to happen with 4k/4k HDR content as-well-as ATMOS content (Excluding Anime). The 10-second jitter/stutter also happens with HBO Max when playing back some videos (not all). "The Nevers" is a good choice to test.

Jitterbug In Edge. Microsoft Please fix this. - YouTube


Here is what I have figured out:

The jitter/stutter stopped on both when I disabled PlayReady. However, I was still able to play videos on both services with no 4k or 4k HDR on Netflix. Now if I have PlayReady enabled and I uninstall HEVC video extentions then the Mouse hover jitters/stutters stop in Netflix, but I can't view 4K or 4K HDR content. HBO Max has no effect when uninstalling HEVC video extentions. This sounds like it is a PlayReady issue on 4K displays (or on some 4K displays). This also happened on my last 4k (non-HDR) display.

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