Issue with Edge and graphics

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For the last few months when I use Edge with graphics acceleration enabled on my PC with a 3070 Ti graphics card using latest nvidia drivers with Windows updated to the newest updates I get weird colours almost like they are inverted and HDR content will not play through the browser in youtube or streaming sites even though it had no issue before (HDR is enabled and works fine on games and Windows in general).  


Just wondering if anyone else has this issue and how to report it to the correct people at MS so it can be fixed.  I am on the insider build and thought it was just a random update to Windows or Nvidia and that it would be fixed in a later release however this is not the case (after many months and updates).  

Any input in to what board to post to or how to fix this (tried resetting browser, cache, delete temp, etc) but Edge goes all technicolor if I enable hardware acceleration (which is also required for the HDR to work I assume).  Any input is greatly appreciated. 

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