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It great to see the Edge team respond to feature requests and bug reports, but it's not clear if or how they will be followed up. Is there an issue tracker which details what bugs are being worked on and what feature requests are added to the queue?



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Hi @ex-jedi, we are aware of this need, and are trying to understand what priority it should take.  Every developer that we put on creating or adapting an externally facing issue tracker, is one that isn't working on the features and fixes that gets the browser closer to stable.  Right now we are hoping that our continued conversations in the forums and in support, calling out fixes and features as they go live will show that we are here and listening.  I would love to hear from you, the community, whether you think that this is working, or if you would rather have us working on more communication channels, such as a public issue tracker, and more detailed release notes.  Please let us know, and thanks for taking the time to tell us how you feel, and for trying out our new browser.

Thanks for telling us how it works. Is it the same for Feedback Hub? I thought that there were developers who worked on Feedback Hub and only Feedback Hub. It would make sense though. Feedback Hub hasn't really improved much and rarely gets updates compared to other apps.

@Elliot Kirk  I would like to see a simple, high-level features/function development tracker would be helpful for those of us trying to understand what features/functions are in the works, and the status of those feartures/functions. I am not suggesting anything complicated. A simple web page (something along the lines of the Edge (Classic) status list) listing key features/functions in development or under consideration, showing, with respect to each feature/function listed, whether the feature/function is in place, in development, or under consideration, is all that is needed. The tracker does not need to be exhaustive.


@Elliot Kirk  This is a screenshot of the EdgeHTML status tracker that I mentioned in the earlier comment.  Simple, informative, ordered by number of number of requests/upvotes.


EdgeHTML Status List.jpg

Yes, this looks like a good approach. The forum had been great for discussion, but an at a glance tracker like this would be welcome.

@ex-jedi Link is

I also want a place to read changelogs and commit changesw

@ex-jedi Link is

I also want a place to read changelogs and commit changes

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