is there any way to get url before title in the address bar?

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There was an option in flags until recently but it has disappeared completely. Was just wondering if this can be achieved now. Or can be considered as a feature request. 

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There are a couple flags that you can turn on to bring back older flags that have been removed on current versions of Edge at least for edge Canary...

They are as follows....

Old Flags.jpg

m80 flag.jpg


@Dennis5mile right. this is the issue here. these flags are temporary. they are already gone from chrome. and would disappear from here as well. microsoft besides their visual changes is literally replicating all the mistakes/changes google is making. sure, these changes would not bother perhaps majority of the user base. but my hope here was that maybe microsoft would ask feedback from the power users and see what they want. 


i am personally not sure why google is focusing on title tag in the omnibox. title tags are designed for search engines. users do not get to see them in the browser because tab width is so small. titles do appear in search results (google is known to change them using their own algorithms) but when it comes to accessing a link from history, focus on url seems like a more logical choice over title tag. but then this is my personal opinion. :) 


so this is more like a feature request. consider retaining the option in flags. seek feedback from the users and see what is more useful to them! cheers. 

by title tags do you mean like "secure", "not secure" on websites using HTTP/HTTPS ?
can't tell exactly what the title in the address bar is, a screenshot would help :)

@HotCakeX the web page's title tag. the one that appears inside tab. or shown in search results as the topic of the link. 


here is a screenshot of how both chrome and edge are using title before url in address bar when you are trying to find a link from history. 


Piercing Lynx.png


title tags are just terrible identifier of specific urls. that's what i have been trying to highlight here. cheers! 

Thanks for the pic :)
I get it now. so the browser must be using keywords from both web history and new results that it gets on the fly from the Internet.
there are a bunch of flags related to omnibox, but most of them unfortunately have no effect. they do work in Google chrome though.