Is There A Limit To How Many Extension's Can Be Placed In Menu Area

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I'm currently running the following version of chromium edge dev. Version 88.0.702.0 (Official build) dev (64-bit). I currently have nine extension's that I have installed in the browser, I have all of them moved to the menu area except one that I can't seem to be able to move. When I right click on the extension in question, the 'move to menu area' selection isn't active so I can't move it. Has anyone else ran into this issue & if so how did you correct it ?

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@Davy49 If you have many extensions on the toolbar, then the address bar will get smaller and smaller. I don't know if there's really a limit.
Looks like you've found the limit yourself

I went into the edge extension store & found this extension: I was hoping that it would be beneficial to me in solving my issue, I've even removed several extension's that I had saved to see if that would help, but even after doing that I'm still unable to utilize the 'move to the toolbar option'. I've even went into the experimental flags area to see if there might be one available that would fix the issue but didn't find any. It's got to be in the actual coding of the browser, but that's something I wouldn't know how to fix, unless I'm mistaken I think I remember when I was just using the 'public' version of the browser that I was allowed to have more extension's in the menu. The good thing is that I still have that version installed on my computer, so I'm going to check that out. Thanks so much for your replies & trying to help me, that's the way we all learn now if only america would function like that it would be so much better.

Update: While using the original version of the browser I don't have any issue's with the 'move to the toolbar' option, now I'm thinking it's got to be some kind of a bug in the coding in the edge developer version. I guess for now I'll just keep using the production version of the browser.