Is it possible to "nest" Blink and IE Mode frames?

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Hi there.

This is almost certainly a gigantic stretch but I figured it was worth asking.


Consider a hypothetical page where the top-level frame (that is, the page referred to in the address bar) is not in the IE mode list. If this page contains an iframe whose target is a page that does come from this list will it be loaded in IE mode or will it run in Blink? Conversely, if the top-level page is run in IE mode but contains an iframe whose origin would ordinarily be loaded in Blink does that iframe run in IE mode or in Blink? I'm assuming this is done at the tab level (and therefore neither scenario is possible) but I would be thrilled to be wrong about this.


I ask because I am presently in the process of migrating an application from an old, internally-developed toolkit that is only (officially) supported in IE to Angular, with the intention of dropping IE support altogether. Presently we're accomplishing this by running the Angular-ized portion out of an iframe. This 'does this thing', if you will, but Angular performs extremely poorly in IE and the old toolkit is very "here be dragons" in newer browsers. This has left us in sort of a 'pick your poison' situation until the migration is complete. The old toolkit also includes a few ActiveX controls (that will ultimately be mothballed) that are seldom used and only used by a small slice of our longest users but said users find these controls to be extremely important. If a proper IE mode configuration allows us to make the IE/Blink distinction invisible to Joe User this would significantly cut down our workload.


As a final note/question, we don't really have much other than these controls left to migrate so I'm certainly open to other suggestions with regards keeping the ActiveX controls somewhat available while running the application proper in Blink. Perhaps there's a way to spawn a new IE mode window and we do all the ActiveX stuff that way?

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if you give me a website with that specifications I will test it on my system and report back.
but I'm not sure how I will know whether the iframe inside that page is loaded using IE mode or blink engine, unless it's only compatible with IE mode and Blink would break it.