Integrated Windows Authentication - Not Working on Server 2019 (one server)

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We are just now moving to Server 2019. We have one server already on 2019 and have not had this issue, but on the newest Server 2019 machine, Integrated Windows Authentication is not working for our Intranet.


Screenshot 2020-12-19 121910.png


No idea why this is happening or what could be different between these 2 servers.

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could it be that the user accounts between those 2 servers are different? one might be built in administrator and the other a local user, or AAD connected? how about Windows PIN sign-in availability ?



No, on both, I'm logging in via RDP using my own account (Domain Admin). As far as I can tell, all Group Policies between the 2 are the same. Not sure what the availability of Windows PIN has to do this, but I checked and PIN is not available for either of the 2 Server 2019 machines (it is on our workstations, but not on the servers).


Screenshot 2021-01-01 114612.png

I don't know the specific Group Policy, but that was the issue as we failed to add this server to the correct groups.