Important Feedback for MS Edge (Dev)

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1) In the Vertical Tabs Mode, the area where tabs are shown is too thick and seems to be distracting, therefore provide an option to auto hide the tab area (in vertical tab mode only) (which would then function exactly like the auto hide feature of windows taskbar) and it would only appear when courser goes to the left side of the screen.

2) There is a lot of delay (about 300 milli-seconds) which doesn't sound much but feels very slow which happens when I hover my cursor over the tab area in order to expanded it (Icon + names of site)

I  have attached the Screen Shot below and you can see that even the cursor was on the tab area, I was still able to take a screenshot in the time frame that it starts moving.Screenshot (21).pngScreenshot (22).png

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@shaswattafs could you please provide steps on how to enable Vertical Tabs Mode? I've tried with insider Canary/Dev/Beta channels but no luck. Thanks in advance.

@bmoteriaI don't know aa to which versions support this but I am Using Windows Insider (Beta channel) and MS Edge (Dev channel) verisions-19042.450 (20H2) and 86.0.594.1 respectively.


I strongly recommend you to use feedback option in Microsoft Edge and report these issues and make sure include screenshot too.

@shaswattafs ah.. that make more sense why I don't see this feature. I'm currently on Windows 10 - 1909 and MS Edge Dev channel 86.0.605.0.

for #1 I see the functionality in CANARY version right now