import passwords from csv or jason

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Can we have added ability  to import passwords (and possibly other data) from csv or json files?

Importing data from Firefox works, except for passwords. "Saved passwords failed to import" is the message I receive. Bookmarks and other data pull over successfully.
I suspect the reason for the password import fail is because I am signed into Firefox account and the passwords are saved under "Lockwise".
Using a 3rd party tool, I was able to export app 100 of my saved Firefox passwords to csv and json formats.
Whether by file import, or direct import, I really need to import my Firefox saved passwords into Edge.


If it matters, I'm on MacOS Mojave, latest Firefox and Edge Version 79.0.309.18 (Official build) Beta (64-bit).


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I don't know why they removed this but import/export passwords were available in Edge insider browser.

around 1-2 months ago Import got removed and now we can only export passwords.

An update to this:

the flag is now returned 

Version 80.0.341.0 (Official build) canary (64-bit)


Annotation 2019-11-23 135959.png


but the import option does not show up in here edge://settings/passwords


Annotation 2019-11-23 140021.png


must be a bug or can check yours too to be sure

@HotCakeX yes!
And this morning when I did import from Firefox, no error message.
Well, this is on my windows machine; I can't wait to try it on my mac tonight.

Hopefully it will be fine too:)

It was not fine. I tried Edge Beta and downloaded latest Dev, and neither will import Firefox passwords on Mac.

Same error message as initial post.

@HotCakeX   Password Import flag still missing in Version 86.0.622.19 of edge beta.  I have also tried the dev, and regular branches and the password import flag is missing from those also.  The other browser I use is VIVALDI.  EDGE can not import from VIVALDI directly.  I was able to import passwords in an early version of EDGE from a .csv format file I downloaded from VIVALDI.

Can this option be added back in so I can share password files between the two browsers (EDGE, VIVALDI)  that I am currently using?

Yes the flag was removed a couple of months ago, i think they should add support for importing data from Vivaldi as well, best way is to send this request as feedback using feedback button on browser :)
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Password import can be done using the Microsoft Autofill extension

More info and how to do it here

@HotCakeX  wow.

Mega kudos for following up on such an old thread! I'm very impressed.

Thank you for that info, it's very useful.


@Eric79x wrote:

@HotCakeX  wow.

Mega kudos for following up on such an old thread! I'm very impressed.

Thank you for that info, it's very useful.

You're welcome ^^ :)


That works! Thank you so much!

You're welcome :)

Thanks to this fantastic browser extension, I was able to do a Linux VM build, but for the first time ever without needing to Chrome and only using Edge (Dev channel).  :cool::cool::cool:


Hey, great job :smile:

i kinda understand the feeling, for me it's good to install Windows and the first thing to do is no longer downloading a browser from Internet:cryingwithlaughter:

Doesn't work though, error when importing .cvs. I had to install the extension, import thorough it and sync.