[Idea] Dark theme option for PDF files

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Short story: I'm a full-time student, and I end up using my computer for studying, most of the time even in dark hours. I use Dark theme basically everywhere where I can (System, browser, websites), but the only area where I can't achieve this are PDF files (which, ironically, are a big part of a student's material). It would be great to have a Dark mode or Inversion mode for PDF files as well, so that I can reduce my eyes strain. It's a crazy idea, I know, and probably not doable, but I'm just throwing it here

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Not crazy at all. Adobe PDF reader and Foxit PDF both have the same feature. Microsoft already knows how to change the background color of pages in Immersive reader mode, so they could offer the same range of colors to us when in PDF viewing mode
how to turn on Immersive reader mode? there no such option
Microsoft Onedrive Viewer (on phone) also offers color inversion for PDF and its really great. Better than Adobe Reader (Android). Wish they put it here also