I'm unable to install edge 79 stable on windows 10 version 1803

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Whenever I try to install edge it shows the following popup, Microsoft Edge works best with the latest Windows Update. I even installed all updated pertaining to 1803 but it's still showing me below popup

Error MessageError Message

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1803 is too old, support ended November 12, 2019

always use the latest versions (1909), you can get it from here:

Can you suggest some workaround which doesn't involve updating the machine?

Sorry nothing comes to my mind at the moment, is there any reason preventing you from updating?


Try adding this registry key before installing Edge

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


@abbodi1406  Tried but, I'm unable to install Stable. However, when I try to install Beta or Dev it gets installed without even the need to add that reg key.

So you can either update your Windows 10 or use non-stable builds of Edge browser, aka insiders.
That’s nonsense, support for 1803 is until November 2020 for enterprise