I hate the new "features" in Dev Edge

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Please turn off the popdowns from the tool bar. The expanded tab names block important icons on the toolbar (like Evernote Web Clipper). The new download manager also blocks things, and even worse, it does not appear when you go to download something. The user thinks nothing happened. Move downloads back to the bottom of the page. It takes 3 clicks to dismiss it all also!

The PDF cursor tool also gets in the way. (At least it can be turned off!) I use my cursor to keep my place when reading pdf documents.

Just because you can do something does not mean you should.

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Can you attach a screenshot of "popdowns from the tool bar" that you are referring to?

the new downloads flyout should automatically open (it's the expected behavior), if for some reason it doesn't or Edge is in the background etc. a blue dot will appear in the toolbar letting you know there is a pending download.

this is a non-intrusive way of downloading. to make the flyout go away, just click anywhere else outside the flyout.
In today's DevEdge (it has installed the last update 10 times--at-least- the tab popdowns only appear when I hover over the tab. Yesterday they appeared and stayed down. And they also displayed over other windows.
I filed the picture in Feedback.
It was much easier to manage the downloads in the bottom bar . One click would remove them all. Now takes 3.
Oh, I think i know what you are talking about, the tab previews.
they are being turned on by default on experimental channels such as Beta/Dev/Canary.

your feedback can help fine tune their appearance but if it's bothering you, they can be turned off by disabling this flag:

It would be great if the user could choose which type of download menu to use.
Exactly. All of these new features should be able to be turned off by the user.