How to Turn Off Edge/Bing "Recommendations"

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Microsoft seems to have recently increased the number of Edge/Bing popups making "recommendations" about how to use Edge -- "do this", "do that", "try this", "try that".


If you, like me, prefer to use Edge as a working environment rather than as a billboard for Microsoft features, you can turn off recommendations by changing a flag:


  1. Type edge://flags in the address bar and press enter
  2. Type Show feature and workflow recommendations in the search bar on top
  3. Click on the dropdown menu beside the option and select Disable
  4. Restart Edge

You will probably have to do this on all your Windows 10 computers, each individually.  I am not sure whether or not the flag change will disable Microsoft's notifications about setting Edge as the default browser (if it is not) or Bing as the default search engine (if it is not), but the flag change will cut down on the splatter of other "recommendations".

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  1. @tomscharbach 

Microsoft, where is the option to get rid of this BS via a GPO? I swear, every version has some garbage I need to turn off. I still have not switched my enterprise to Edge from Chrome and things like this do not help.

I followed the instruction(s) to turn off popups by going to: edge://flags.

I set the default to 'disabled'

Did not fix the problem.

Anyone else out there experiencing my problem?
Of late, getting page snapshots of MS sites on the RH of the Bing search page when searching for MS technical material. It's kind of like a recommendation, not sure if this is the right thread to enquire.
Is the above method the accepted way to turn it off?
Thank you very much. I hope it works. This is the edge "feature" I dislike the most so thanks.