How to stop blocking PDF downloads, please?


Hi! I am constantly downloading PDF files to verify them later, and I'm disappointed, when organising them, to find some downloads were blocked for security. While I understand the concern, I know the source from where I'm downloading the files, and they are very important to me, so I need, please, an option to disable this behaviour, so I won't end with important missing files.


Disabling SmartScreen does not make any difference. I'm on Linux Mint 20.2 / Ubuntu 20.04, with Edge Stable 96.0.1054.34.


Thanks for your attention!

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I tried to rephrase the title, because it looked like I was unsatisfied, but what I've asked for is a way to workaround this issue!
In the Edge (downloaded) settings you can try to enable - always ask what to do with the downloaded file, and disable the automatic opening of Office files.
Please check it out.

You can also change the save location of downloads to an external drive, also in the Edge settings.
These don't make any difference for me, unfortunately!
Not viable in my case, but thanks!