How to roll back the edge update and stop the automatic update of the edge background? ? ?

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I just want to say that I am very disappointed with the automatically updated edge. He turned the independent history page into a small button. This small button is difficult to use. It is easy to turn off when searching for browsing records, which greatly affects my use Edge favor, I now want to reinstall chrome, Im so angry Im so angry Im so angry Im so angry Im so angry Im so angry Im so angry Im so angry Im so angry Im so angry. I want to know the solution,Otherwise I can only install back to chrome. thank you

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Hello, you can do the following actions :

-pin the history :


then you will have that :


-you can also open the history page :


then you will have that :


- and you can add this page to your favorites bar like that :



I hope that all that will help you !


Thank you for your help. I have found a way to disable the edge update. Now, I will install my beloved chrome back ;) Thank you again for your help

@luckyindex Hi Lucky Index


You cannot rollback Edge: the only thing you can do is to uninstall it, then install an older version (assuming you have kept one of the older .MSI installer files).  On Windows 10, go to Start > Settings (cog icon) > Apps and see if you can uninstall it.  For Windows 8 and 7, go into Control Panel, then Programs and Features.


If you can uninstall it, and have an older version of the Edge .MSI installer file, then do the following to stop Edge updating:

  • Disconnect your computer from the Internet (to stop Edge updating itself)
  • Install the older version of Edge via your .MSI installer
  • After it's installed, search the Start Menu for services.msc and run it "as Administrator"
  • Double-click on "Microsoft Edge Update Service (edgeupdate)" and set the "Startup type" dropdown to "Disabled", then click OK
  • Do the same for the "Microsoft Edge Update Service (edgeupdatem)" entry
  • Do the same for the "Microsoft Edge Elevation Service" entry also
  • Restart your computer

You can now reconnect the computer to the Internet.  Providing you log into your computer as a non-administrator account, this will stop Edge from updating.  Remember though by using an old version of Edge you risk security issues as no fixes will be delivered.