how to remove the new media control button

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How can I remove the new media control button introduced in canary?


I see no use for it at all and it takes up screenspace that I rather use for something productive

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@matsmcp I have no use for it either.

It can be removed by going to edge://flags and set the "Media Session Service" flag to Disabled.

@matsmcp By design, it should automatically be hidden if no site is playing any media. However, it keeps showing even if no site is playing any media, which I think is a bug.



Thank you. Worked perfectly

@Subhadeep Dey 


Yes that's not good. I don't want it as first icon either. An icon that only shows sometimes should be last in the menubar so that guides and instructions for the other buttons remains constant.

"to open favorites, click on the first button" - not like now there it is the first or the second button

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