How to remove the duplicated sidebar search context menu option?

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That microsoft edge is a giant bloated mess that exists merely to push bing to the average user and compete with chrome, everybody already knows. 


However, I bet that some users in this forum would love to be able to remove some of the garbage context menu items there. 


Look at this screenshot:


 I see 3 intentional problems here that microsoft intentionally designed to confuse users and to increase bing traffic:

1. Putting the "search with bing in the sidebar" there RIGHT NEXT to the "search the web" even when I already changed my search engine. - they also add this same bing sidebar crap when right clicking images, to force push bing into users who have explicitely told they don't want to **bleep**ing use bing. 

2. The "add to collections". I don't want that feature personally. I already have favorites, I'm already creeped out by how much microsoft tracks me with bing and now edge and all the invasive telemetry and the slow services they have. 

3. The "web capture". It already exists, it's called "PrtScr". There is a dedicated button in your keyboard. There is a dedicated shortcut on windows or other oses. Why do you have to shove this garbage in the context menu with no way to disable it? 


It is just extremely frustrating how microsoft is just naturally always junking any product that people start to simpatize with. 

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It's also incredibly frustrating because I have "muscle memory" and now when using edge I have to spend 10x as much time to identify the correct context menu option to click. Both options have very similar text, but "the right option" is the one that does not have an icon - users will have to spend more time and will likely be confused.

These practices are called dark UI patterns.
Here is a huge discussion with lots of frustrated users who are not able to properly communicate their problems:



You like to touch Big Issues, I presume. :) ( a joke of course) The one you mentioned is very serious and it concerns aesthetic issues, disgraceful menu inconsistencies, not thought over layouts, and many others. Part of them comes with Chromium from Google Empire, perhaps. No wonder, no one wants to smudge fingers with additional coding jobs or tasks(!).


Those who want to have sort of control over whole menu must turn to Vivaldi.


Let me here prove how Microsoft Edge doesn't pay attention to naming in menu.

I've tried to move a tab to other group. I quickly screened over context menu and was not able to find the option. It took some time when I spotted Add tab to group. For Edge designers Move or Add is not a problem.


I think Edge is programmed part by part by different programmers. I do not believe, I'm too old for such vagaries, that one day they all sit at one table and will be presented with ultimatum to remove the erring practices and to clean up the horrible menu mess.


Also, a lot of people from users side of barricades, had bump up a wall in Vivaldi, in Opera, in Mozilla. Why Edge Ivory Towers might create special cozy enclave for users? Web browsers improvements are, let me say it, unwanted children of their efforts forging bright future. Sort of collateral damage on the road to the Great Functionality in other areas than the petty and pesky inconveniences for few. Like you, like me, and few others.


The example I described. You will find Move tab to a new window, but no Move tab to other group. Apparently someone find unique aptness to the phrase Add, perhaps.




I see that you like organizing your bookmarks as tabs!

Honestly, I would just use a folder, but why not keep them as open tab groups! - The next big feature is to be able to pin tab groups/bookmarks as sticky notes on your desktop. 


Speaking for myself, of course, if I accidentally clicked group I wouldn't even be able to undo it: 



No hover feedback as well, because who the **bleep** cares about consistency and familiarity!




Feature request: MICROSOFT EDGE PANOS 365 COVERFLOW 2022




:)No, Lonely Wanderer the Second. ;) You've seen only part of my desktop. I've been _always_ using bookmarks, from eon times. Collections feature is for "social" types or for kids drooling over every Edge candy. Redundant IT toy and useless.


About the Tabs groups. I have come here with my old Opera habits. Opera's Workspaces is a Giant Leap over Edge, albeit small step. Those tabs, grouped there on the screenshot, can be hibernated very soon. Look into Settings. Thus I have them handy, the more so I see what I had, I have and could open quickly. All the tabs you was kind to spot on my screenshot were opened firstly from my Bookmarks (I hate the ... name of Favorites. There where ... (female beings) named such colloquially, loitering on French Kings' courts in medieval years.)


What you cannot do, but should or would be allowed to do in Edge, I wrote in other posts of mine.


As far as pinning is concerned, Opera offers to save its Workspaces/tabs in Speed Dial folders. In the light of Opera good sound (nomen omen) features, the Edge looks like a miserable busker scraping the fiddle. Sticky Notes are not necessary here. I'm well protected against any PC disaster, apart from local experiments in vicinity with Plutonium 239.


The hype pages informing world about MS Edge (on their pages) and inviting warmly to take part in developing via feedback are misleading, as it appeared very soon. But Edge is what it is - it's on edge of usability now. I have given it a try longing to see something really useful. I'm slightly disappointed at present, but perhaps the (in)famous feedback will mature soon and it will bring fruits in the end. If not? I'll get over with it.


BTW. Sticky notes all over the monitor(s), desktops, furniture and walls in home as an ultimate solution to the Edge's failures and shortcomings? Why not?! Good idea (well, for whom? You know well...) :) :)