How to remove autofill email from 'choose an account' part of Profile page in Microsoft Edge?

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I'm trying to setup a new Profile in Microsoft Edge, one without an email.

Every time I click on the Profile button and bring up the Profile page, there is a little 'Choose an Account' section that autofills an old email that I don't use. I cannot find a way to remove this email. 


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Can you try to remove the your e-mail account from the device ?


On Windows 10 (tested on Win 10 21h2)


Setting ==> Account setting

E-mail & account


Remove the problematic e-mail in Edge :







I tried the following things before coming to this solution and None of the below modification resolved the issue:

- create new profile

- remove my device from

- remove the e-mail address in HKLM (i searched my address through plain text)

- remove the problematic account from credentials manager

- delete the profile folder in %USERAPPDATA%/Microsoft/Edge (could not complete the operation, the folder was "open somewhere in the file system)


The problematic email was in the 'Email & accounts' settings page a while ago, but was removed and I cannot see it there now.
I honestly cannot find the email anywhere in my system, it just pops up as an autofill despite being removed everywhere I could remove it from.

Thanks for the help though.



EDIT: I went and deleted all traces of the email from Registry Editor, yet it still shows up in Edge.

If you want to just create a new profile without an email attached, the Add Profile button should be fine.