How to remove autofill email from 'choose an account' part of Profile page in Microsoft Edge?

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I'm trying to setup a new Profile in Microsoft Edge, one without an email.

Every time I click on the Profile button and bring up the Profile page, there is a little 'Choose an Account' section that autofills an old email that I don't use. I cannot find a way to remove this email. 


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Can you try to remove the your e-mail account from the device ?


On Windows 10 (tested on Win 10 21h2)


Setting ==> Account setting

E-mail & account


Remove the problematic e-mail in Edge :







I tried the following things before coming to this solution and None of the below modification resolved the issue:

- create new profile

- remove my device from

- remove the e-mail address in HKLM (i searched my address through plain text)

- remove the problematic account from credentials manager

- delete the profile folder in %USERAPPDATA%/Microsoft/Edge (could not complete the operation, the folder was "open somewhere in the file system)


The problematic email was in the 'Email & accounts' settings page a while ago, but was removed and I cannot see it there now.
I honestly cannot find the email anywhere in my system, it just pops up as an autofill despite being removed everywhere I could remove it from.

Thanks for the help though.



EDIT: I went and deleted all traces of the email from Registry Editor, yet it still shows up in Edge.

If you want to just create a new profile without an email attached, the Add Profile button should be fine.
Ist this still an case? I run in to the same problem ... and can't find a solution that works ...

@JFriendly  Has anyone ever figured this out?  I've seen several posts on different sites suggesting that you can remove it by simply deleting the account from Windows Settings / Accounts..... NOT.  I have customer PC's that have no account information whatsoever listed anywhere under the Windows Accounts page, but Edge somehow still has saved an account email from some prior user and has retained it under "Choose an Account" on these systems. This DOES NOT require a password to login, and consequently is a huge security risk.  If you simply click on the suggested account, it logs into their account and obtains all links, saved passwords, & profile settings from whatever user is specifed. You can specify to disable Edge logins, but re-enabling brings that person's account login right back & the problem remains.  If anyone knows how to resolve this, I'm all ears!  Thanks

Same problem here. I have
- deleted windows credentials in control panel
- uninstalled reinstalled onedrive (not from Store, from exe app)
- deleted Edge and Internet Explorer cookies and data
Nothing is working, when I open OneDrive, it keeps showing me my business account as a choice of login. I want to get rid of it in my personal computer
For Windows, I think this is somewhere in Credential Manager. On macOS, I was able to remove all auto-discovered entries in this drop down menu by removing all entries in the Mac's keychain that matched "Microsoft". I deleted them all, but I suspect by just deleting the, "Microsoft Edge Safe Storage" item, that would do the trick. Note that a side effect of doing this is that you're logged out of all websites and need to log into them again.

It seems that whenever you use Edge to logon to a Microsoft service of some kind, that ID is retained somehow in this database. That's where Edge is picking it up from. Blowing that away resolves the issue.