How to get current URL in Web App

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Hi all,


some weeks ago, the App-Info Menu changed. Back then there was easy option to copy the current URL.


e.g. when browsing through my Jira Web App, i am not able to get the URL easily, my current workarround is to open the site in Edge und copy it from the adress bar.
















Windows 10 

Edge Version : Version 92.0.902.62 (Offizielles Build) (64-Bit)
Is there any (keyboard-) shortcut for this issue?
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@Eric Brahmann this is not a ideal solution but you might want to use it.
Open Dev Tools F12

Go to Console

Write ' window.location.href '


Hi @bajosi,
nice idea ;-), but as you already expected, it not the ideal soultion.

Some kind of share Button or Keyboard shortcut for getting the URL in the clipboard would be handy ;)
Yeah, I miss this feature A LOT! I need to copy links from my PWAs all the time every single day.