how to allow Sites to be reloaded in Internet Explorer Mode

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I want to set edge allow sites to be reloaded in Internet Explorer mode. The tutorial I found is shown in the figure below,



But my edge settings page is shown in the figure below. How to set it?




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after turning that option on and restarting your browser, you can click on the question mark icon:




And it tells you how to use that feature:




so just click on "..." ellipsis button on Edge and follow the instructions.





Thank you very much for your reply


But in my edge settings, there is no such option, as shown in the figure below. What should I do?




Which version/channel of Edge browser are you using?


The latest version, as shown in the figure below




That's good,

  • Is your Windows 10 up to date?
  • is Internet explorer enabled in Windows features? (i.e can you run Internet explorer separately?)
  • What is the browser on your computer that is set as the default browser?

Hello @icey_wu 

if the option "Allow sites to be reloaded in Internet Explorer mode" isn't shown or greyed out in edge://settings/defaultBrowser you can enable it either

  • in GPO settings by enabling "Administrative Templates/Microsoft Edge/Allow Internet Explorer mode testing"
  • or go to registry "HKEY LOCAL MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Edge" and create a REG-DWORD with the name "InternetExplorerIntegrationTestingAllowed" and set its value to 0x00000001

Note: this only applies to Edge version 86 and above



It's the latest version of win10 Enterprise Edition

Internet explorer is enabled in Windows features

I have set edge as the default browser

Thank you~




I can't find  "Administrative Templates/Microsoft Edge/Allow Internet Explorer mode testing" in GPO settings .As shown in the attachment


Internet Explorer orer integration testing allowed already exists in the registry, and the value of reg-dword is 0x00000001.As shown in the attachment





Is your computer part of a domain? being controlled via group policy by an admin? 


also the reason why you can't find group policies for the new Edge browser is that they are not installed by default in Windows 10 yet.

Configure Microsoft Edge for Windows | Microsoft Docs



In new version of edge, you can turn on this gpo to get that option