How I can use Edge Insider for News and Interest

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e.g. I click on a link in Outlook 365 or another app and Edge Insider opens. Fine.
I click within the Windows settings on e.g. Windows Update->More Info. Edge Insider opens. Fine too.
Now I click on "News and Interests" and... Edge, the regular version, opens. 
(I am not sure if other apps show the same behavior)
So either this its hard coded in the "News an Interest" App in the windows insider build, set "Edge Dev" as default browser not work completely or I overlook something.


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I'm on Windows insider Dev build 21359, News and Interest links open in Edge Dev for me, which is the default browser for the OS.
try setting Dev or Beta as default, if news and interest links still open in Edge stable, you can submit a feedback for it in Feedback hub.
strange... no edge dev is my default browser, but News and Interest open Edge.
Thanks for the answer.