How do you change which profile is the default?

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I'd like to set a particular profile as my default profile for opening hyperlinks from other applications.  Is there a way to specify which profile new Edge Dev windows open with?

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Hi @USMA56795 - the short answer, not today.


With that said, profile management is a big topic on this end. We could tweak some shortcuts to maybe open a specific profile when Microsoft Edge launches, but this isn't the end result you are looking for when it comes top URL's from within other apps.


Thanks for the feedback, I'll mark on this end as a feature request to track with profiles. A default profile as you mentioned is a good call out.





Thanks. If I have two Edge Dev windows open--with 2 different profiles--which is used for opening hyperlinks from other applications? It seems random.

E.g. When replying to this, it picked my work profile window, so I had to log in using my Microsoft account, which defeats the single-sign on experience.

The profile work so far is great, though: keep it up!

@chris_conley  It will open in the latest profile window that were active/used.


I found this thread looking for the same solution. It will be great to have n option to choose a default profile.

MacOS has an app called Choosy that does it.

You can easily create shortcuts to open a specific profile. Create the shortcut using the path:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft\Edge Dev\Application\msedge.exe" --profile-directory="Profile 1"

I'm trying to find a way to use it as a default profile when clicking in URLs. Today it will use the last used/active profile.



Are the profile directories just named {"Profile 1", "Profile 2", ..., "Profile n"}?

The first profile I created was named "Default". The next ones were named "Profile 1", Profile 2, Profile 3.
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In Edge 81 onward, you can do this natively in the browser. Check out this discussion -

with your profile active, if you pin that occurrence of edge to the task bar, every time you open edge via the task bar you will be in your preferred profile.



thank you so much JayCSr it works to pin whilst browsing with that instance open

I removed both profiles and the added my preferred profile first. That fixed it for me.




Yes JayCSr you nailed it. Thanks so much for the most simple and fast fix!


I'm not sure what i have clicked, however now all the tabs i open are taking my profile as defauly SSO. I want to disable that feature. Please let me know how to do


GO to setting of edge browser, and click Profiles/ Profile preferences, then you can select default profile for external links. 

@JayCSr Thank you, this solved my issue.

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In Edge 81 onward, you can do this natively in the browser. Check out this discussion -

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