How do I change the icon of folders in my favorites?

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I switched from Chrome, am really happy so far with the new Edge (first time I like a Microsoft browser). My favorites show the icons I have given them in Chrome, but how can I change the icon directly in Edge? E.g. I have collected weather apps in a folder and want to "rename" the folder with a cloud icon.


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Hi there, you are welcome to the Microsoft Tech Community!

Currently, Microsoft Edge does not have the feature of changing icons of folders in favourites.

I would recommend you to suggest this feature by sending feedback through the in-built feedback(Alt+Shift+I) feature in Microsoft Edge as the correct Microsoft Edge team will get to know about your suggestion and your suggestion will get a +1

@TheShaunSaw Typical MS - product quality depends on the department developing - seems like they usually just send out new version, and then wait for the mob to email bug fixes. Not sure the suggestion of fixes works, unless it's something that is a huge security risk.
Still waiting since v 2015 of SSRS to allow you to type lower case for some colors and not give you an error, e.g., you can type "black" but not "white" - it must have an inital cap (or maybe vice-versa - I switch to hex).
Clearly they fixed this on some color names, but didn't meet the deadline.


@norrellco, that utility only works with the deprecated version of Edge, not the newer Chromium-based version.

@hb100 Any solution found to this? would be nice [I have hundreds of bookmarks] to 

change my ":file_folder:MicrosoftFavs" to just the MS Icon

Well this is sad news. any chance of it changing anytime soon?@TheShaunSaw 

@cylerist ... It's a "workaround", but you can use emoji's in folder names...


Desktop (used this verified extension to copy emoji's I wanted):