How can I set Edge-browser as PDF-file previewer in Outlook Desktop?


Microsoft Edge is set as the default PDF-handler application in Windows 10 on my pc.

However, in Outlook Desktop, when I click on PDF-files which are attached to a mail message, I get an error message "This file cannot be previewed, because there is no previewer installed for it".

I can only solve this by installing Acrobat Reader, which I do not want to do.

What is the solution?

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Try "SumatraPDF" instead... it's very light
Thanks for the suggestion. But I specifically want to use Edge as my PDF-viewer.

@Paul_VCI guess you'll have to wait until the Edge team implement a preview-handler for Outlook then... though it does seem an odd thing not to be present already.  I assume in Outlook, if you go to File > Options > Add-Ins it's definitely not listed there, or in the Manage > Disabled Items list?


I assume there is a shell-handler... do you get thumbnail previews of PDFs in File Explorer with Edge set as your default PDF app? (And if you search for a text-phrase you know is inside a locally-saved PDF, does Windows Search present that in the results -- I'd assume a search-handler exists?)

When Edge is set as the default handler in Windows 10, double-clicking a PDF-file opens it in Edge.
Nothing else works: no previews in Outlook, no previews in File Explorer, no search results.
  • So, there is apparently NO solution, until the Microsoft Edge team implements a "PDF preview handler" for Outlook and for File Explorer..
How do we request Microsoft Edge Team to implement this as a feature, where I can preview PDF from File Explorer when Edge is the the default application to open PDF file and Adobe Reader is not installed?
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I wanted the same thing, not needing additional software for the pdf preview in outlook.

Wanting to use edge. However this seems not possible.

I've now found out that when you install Microsoft Power Toys you get a number of cool tools, including a pdf previewer that works in outlook.  It is additional software, but at least you don't have to install a separate pdf viewer.

Thanks for this solution, it works well and it is free. Just what I needed.

For those who want to install the Microsoft PowerToys collection, here is the link to it in the Microsoft Store:

The specific PowerToy you need to enable the PDF-file previewer is called "File Explorer add-ons".



Watch-out for this however: should you install, and then uninstall Adobe Acrobat Reader, then your above-mentioned PowerToys solution no longer works, alas. The Uninstaller for Acrobat Reader apparently removes a key component from Outlook for Windows, without which the PowerToys solution no longer works.

See my issue report on Github: