Hong Kong mandatory ?

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Hello i want to know why when we block all ip from hongkong, edge become unable to update itself (i have tried 6 time to 3 differents version.

When i forbit my network to access to : Australia, Bélarus, China, Hong Long, Irak, Iran, Russia, and Turquie and start my laptop (who havent been connected at least during 2 hours).

When i go to help page after a veeeery long time it tell me i don't have internet (but everything work only the update tell me i don't have internet).

After that if i unlock hong kong, 3 seconds later the update work again.

Since i don't really trust china (and hong kong is slowly become like china (thanks to the corrup... hong kong governement)), i really whant to ban them without having to choose between edge update and this.

Thanks for any help.

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I have reposted it since a user have forced their ideology in this thread so for simplicity i ask to the moderator who will read this post to simply remove all of it since my question is asked on other post and it will simplify the moderation
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