Highlights and better tab identification

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Hello @Deleted

I use a low image quality screen, depending on the angle, I can't identify which tab is currently active.
Firefox has an excellent tab highlight and it is possible to know which tab is currently active even on low quality screens.


animated white gif.gif


Notice that there is a white bar at the top of the active tab 

Anotação 2020-07-17 144405.png


Zooming on the active tab

Anotação 2020-07-17 143646.png


The white bar appears on light themes.
In dark themes, a blue bar is placed

animated dark gif.gif


And it shows which tab is active

Anotação 2020-07-17 143805.png


Zooming on the active tab

Anotação 2020-07-17 143723.png


This simple bar already helps me to identify the active tab on low quality screens.

There is also another feature
"mouse over inactive tab"

animated white mouse gif.gif


Inactive tab zoom

animated white mouse zoom gif.gif

 See that a bar appears at the top of the inactive tab when you hover over it


The same goes for dark themes
animated dark mouse gif.gif


Inactive tab zoom

animated dark mouse zoom gif.gif


I would like to leave my feedback on these features that may seem simple, but that are very useful.
And I wanted to recommend that there was something like that on microsoft edge.


Dark theme used in the example: Default mozilla firefox theme
Clear theme used in the example: https://addons.mozilla.org/pt-BR/firefox/addon/aurora_blue1/

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@eguif Thanks for the detailed feedback and the screen captures! We have some follow-up questions for you about this.


  1. Do you use MSFT Edge on light or dark theme? (Found here: edge://settings/appearance)
  2. What type of device are you using?
  3. Is the tab highlight-on-hover within MSFT Edge also not visible on your screen?


Fawkes (they/them)
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Hello @Deleted 
1. I use the dark theme

2. A laptop. More specifically, a lenovo 320-15ikb, it contains TN panel

3. The hover and the active guide are not visible depending on the viewing angle. This usually happens a lot on TN panels

Seen from an angle



Seen from another angle



This is a problem with TN panels
The mozilla solution works great on TN panels

@eguif Thanks for the details, I'll pass this along to the team.


Fawkes (they/them)
Program Manager & Community Manager - Microsoft Edge

Hello @Deleted
I know there have been no answers for some time, but I still believe that this is a vital resource for accessibility
Could the team think carefully about this resource?
And if they want more details, they can post their questions here for me to see.

Hello @Deleted 


I would just like to say that my feedback is not necessary to change layout, but there is only one way to easily identify the active tab. Currently the active tab mixes with the color of the browser making it confusing which tab I'm on

In Dev channel, we can apply themes from chrome webstore, it might solve your problem right?

Hello @Deleted 


I use a low quality TN panel
Tab highlighting works well on firefox using TN panel


The theme would only work if the color of the active tab was totally different from the other tabs

Yeah, the color is entirely different in some themes, try using dev once and see how it goes, if it solves the problem then no need of Edge team to be involved:)

Hello @Deleted 


I was looking at the themes in the chrome store
Have a lot of beautiful theme
But I can't use them because the colors of the inactive tabs are very similar to that of the active tab
That's a problem, I can't use a theme that I liked


You are suggesting that I use a theme where the active tab is totally different from the inactive tab
This is also a problem, I have to use a theme that I didn't like


In firefox these two problems do not exist because they have an identification that works on low quality TN panels

And by the way, you are using dark theme in firefox, and using some sort of greenish theme, as you said you like firefox theme which is black in color you can also try this which is black https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/just-black/aghfnjkcakhmadgdomlmlhhaocbkloab?hl=en

I'm absolutely support you! I use default black theme and I literally cannot identify the active tab with the angle of my display. Major problem! Please do them more recognizible!

Aren't themes helping you??


There's an another option, if you enable the highlighted option as shown in picture, it can help you also, try this.



press start> type colors and press enter> you find the above photos page


Hello @Deleted 


Thanks for searching for themes

But you can even see that it is boring to look for a theme that will work well on low quality TN panels

Hello @Deleted 


I don't like the dark firefox theme, I just demonstrate it in dark mode

I use this theme on firefox https://addons.mozilla.org/pt-BR/firefox/addon/aurora_blue1/


In firefox I can install any theme
As much as the active tab has a color similar to the inactive tabs, the active tab is identified with the white bar at the top of it


Anotação 2020-07-17 144405.png


I can't install the themes I like on the edge
Because in many themes that I liked the active tab has a color similar to the color of the inactive tab.
There is no white bar at the top of the active tab to identify which is the active tab

Hello @Deleted 


The 'Just Black' theme is an excellent example of a theme that I cannot install on the edge, as the active tab would be totally unreadable, totally confusing with the other tabs

I like the firefox solution, highlight the active tab with a white bar on top of it

I hate this colorization option. It just should be changed. All background tabs might be more gray or even transparent.
Did you try themes in chrome webstore?