Highlighted Tabs in Edge Based on URL

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I'm not sure if this is already possible, I didn't find anything relevant in my search. But I would like to be able to highlight certain tabs in the browser based on the contents of the url. For example I'm a developer and I would like to see my production tabs highlighted a different color when I'm working in both dev/test and production. Anyone know if this is currently possible with a plugin?

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hello if you mean to color tabs without adding it to groups (based on domain or selection of tabs), then yes i agree with you and i submitted this previously https://link.ws/edgetabs too


@KMcCall You can group tabs, using this flag:
Here's how it looks (with vertical tabs, it's really neat):

Here's how it looks (not with vertical tabs, ugly with 3+ tabs)

@Kam Thanks, not exactly what I wanted, but it will work for what I need!

@KMcCall I was going to post photos but it kept saying I had invaild HTML!!!