High CPU usage on macOS

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For some reason, I get very high CPU usage on Edge Dev v79.0.294.1 on macOS 10.14.6


Attached is a screenshot of the Browser Task Manager with Edge at 180% CPU usage (somehow?)

My laptop's fans are running with only Edge opened and a couple of tabs which aren't very resource intensive. (The same CPU usage shows up on Activity Monitor).


Screen Shot 2019-10-10 at 10.49.27 AM.png


Edit: This doesn't seem to happen all of the time. Perhaps a specific number of tabs? Or a specific website is causing this. I still find it strange considering none of the tabs I have opened are resource intensive. 
Also, I'm not getting this issue on Safari (I haven't tried on Chrome). 

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It still happens in 82.0.439.1 Dev(MacOs 10.15.3). I am very depressed how to solve it. Does anyone know the solution? (I have disabled Microsoft Defender SmartScreen, everytime I have to force stop edge and then start it.)

Try 82.0.446.0 dev that was released yesterday

Thank you all for letting us know; your feedback has been heard and there will be an updating coming out shortly about this! :)


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@Deleted @HotCakeX Thanks for mentioning it. I have been running 82.0.446.0 continuously since March 12 and the issue has not recurred. Previously Edge would spike up to ~250% usage after running for a day or two and I'd have to restart. So, fingers crossed! Thanks. Looking forward to any further update.

That's great to hear :)

@stevexyz Yay! And to loop back, if you check out our What's New page from a mac, you should see our announcement about the fix. Let me know if you can't see it, and I'll send you a screenshot.


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I've already sent feedback using the button but I'm getting over 150% CPU again. (This happens on random pages like Twitch). What's weird is that instead of simply showing Edge at max CPU, when opening Browser Task Manager, one of the subprocesses gets high CPU (like the rendering process, a random Extension, or a random page). I'm not sure if it's one of the pages/extensions fault or Edge going wrong. Just thought I'd report it here.



EDIT: It seems to be Twitch's Chat. Whenever I go in fullscreen, the tab only takes 20% CPU. But whenever the chat is opened/active, the CPU goes to 100% or more CPU and my laptop gets really hot (with full fans).

@Deleted That blog seems unlinkable, but I want to refer to it, so I'm reproducing it here.

Fix for high CPU usage on macOS


Thank you to everyone who shared and submitted feedback regarding high CPU usage on Microsoft Edge. We investigated the issue and identified a bug where a dependency on a library caused high CPU usage. We have seen instances where the CPU usage has spiked to 250% - 400% on macOS machines. We think that we have identified the cause and have a fix that should reduce the CPU usage overall. The fix is now available on Microsoft Edge Canary 82.0.449.0 and Microsoft Edge Dev 82.0.446.0, so users of the channels above will automatically receive it. If you are on an older build, please update your version of Microsoft Edge to the latest version. The fix will be in the Beta release expected at the end of March and in the Stable release expected at the end of April.

If you continue to experience performance regressions, please submit feedback through Microsoft Edge, specifying how the issue can be reproduced and/or submit a trace with the feedback.

Thanks so much for helping us improve Microsoft Edge!


I downloaded Edge Beta on April 9th or 10th, but I still have the issue. Did the fix make it into the beta channel? I'm helpfully attaching a sample file from Activity Monitor.

@ionFreeman It looks like the fix is in 82.0.446.x and above. Because Beta is currently in an 81 build, the fix likely hasn't made its way up yet. However, Beta should be updating in the near future! If you still see similar CPU levels after the update, or if you try one of the other Insider channels now, please let us know.


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so on Mac OS big sur what I've done is that you go into activity Monitor and from there if you see that Microsoft Edge Helper (renderer) is using too much CPU. Double click on Microsoft Edge Helper (renderer). It should automatically restart and shouldn't use as much CPU and should Idle at about 2%-30% depending on your model.

Same here.

I confirmed the same behavior on both M1 Max and Intel CPU. (Monterey 12.1)


Once Edge stuck CPU usage high state, even if I closed all tabs & disabled all extensions, 100% CPU usage continues.



Even if I closed all tabs, I still get high CPU usageEven if I closed all tabs, I still get high CPU usageimage.png

just closed it as I noticed the laptop stayed hot for all night. one of the cores was 99% and no windows were open. after restart is back to normal usage.

Big Sur 11.6.4

Edge is

Version 98.0.1108.62 (Version officielle) (x86_64)