Help with Microsoft Edge watching a stream in full screen light mode.

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Hello, I have recently swapped to microsoft edge on my macbook air 2018, I have really enjoyed it in terms of the responsiveness and resource management. I just have one minor issue that I was wondering if anyone else has experienced.


When using light theme viewing a stream on in full screen an odd white bar that is the size of a pixel appears at the top of the screen. This completely disappears if I use dark mode.


Attached is a screen shot to show what I am talking about. 


It is a minor issue and have been impressed with how microsoft edge has been running on my mac, and if push comes to shove ill just deal with using dark mode.


I just prefer light mode, has anyone got any tips or tricks to fix this?

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That's google chrome in your screenshot !

@HotCakeX It is actually a stream in microsoft edge full screen where the streamer is using google chrome. 

Ah lol just why

what's your OSX version and Edge version?
Just happened to be what was showing on the stream I was watching while the error was occurring.

I am on macOS Big Sur 11.2.3, and Microsoft Edge Version 89.0.774.75 64 - Bit
Everything seems to be alright there,
i think it's best to submit a feedback using the feedback button on Edge for this issue, you can attach screenshot and even take a video recording of the screen.
(if you click on "attachment" in the feedback window and select "recreate my problem")