HDR NOT WORKING ON LATEST EDGE VERSION Version 100.0.1185.36 (Official build) (64-bit) (WINDOWS 11)

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No, it's not my pc, or my monitor. HDR enabled video work perfectly on (Windows 11) CHROME, AND OTHER  (Windows 11) PC GAMES.  IF SOMEONE HAS AN EXPLANATION AS TO WHY THIS IS HAPPENING AND HOW ARE THEY NOT AWARE? Why is Microsoft  so dysfunctional. FIX THIS NOW or I'LL  BE GOING BACK TO CHROME!  (NO HDR OPTION ON EDGE://FLAGS)

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What kind of content are you viewing that you're noticing isn't working? Like, is it a specific website or video?
This just started happening to me too on Windows 11. I've got an Odyssey G7 that with HDR turned on, runs HDR videos fine off of YouTube in Chrome but in Edge no longer works. No matter what I do (refresh, restart, update Edge, update my PC) I only ever get the SDR color profile on HDR videos on YouTube (yes, I'm selecting the HDR video quality option in YouTube). The funny thing is I only switched to Edge because on Windows 10 the opposite was true and HDR in Chrome never worked. Now 3 months into Windows 11, Edge's HDR stops working and Chrome's works? At this point I don't know if it's an Edge issue or Windows 11 issue.

I have three monitors, an older one without HDR, connected to the integrated Intel GPU, and two 4k HDR monitors attached to a GeForce 1050Ti. If HDR is enabled on one of them, but disabled in the other, then Edge is loosing all its contrast right after starting it up (it is looking well for an instant, and then switches to a buggy rendering where the font is barely readable and the tabs are indistinguishable. If I enable HDR on that monitor too, then all is well. It may not be happening on all sites, but it seems to always present when I open a tab with this URL:

That was a different issue that should be fixed by now. Please let me know if it's not!
I am having what I think is a similar issue. WIthin edge, sites that use "Dark mode" render just fine and look awesome. Sites that use light or white designs, look awful and are about half the brightness with HDR enabled. If I turn HDR off, everything looks normal, just not as pretty.

Did you ever find a solution to the issue?

Not an optimal solution but I have disabled HDR on all of my monitors as a workaround as even freezes were happening while I was watching videos. The system is stable since then and there are no visual issues.

We've gotten enough reports that we're looking into any possible regressions here. What version number of Edge are you seeing this on?

I am always using the latest version of Edge (and trying to keep everything up-to-date as well). At the moment it is Version 104.0.1293.63 (Official build) (64-bit), but I don't have any issues at all since HDR is disabled. I am not 100% sure but I think that the video artifacts were happening for me with other browsers as well (mainly with Netflix specifically - I had no issues with YouTube but I may did not watch any HDR videos there).