Hardware Media Key Handling flag has gone

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I was previsouly using "hardware-media-key-handling" flag to disable edge default behavior.

I'm using Edge Dev 91.0.825.0, and this flag has gone.


Has the flag been removed ? If so, is there any other way to disable this feature ?

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flags usually expire, please try enabling this flag to unexpire version 90 flags:
I hope this won't be removed permanently. This flag is essential to not interfere with music playback software.
I hope this one returns. Every time I lower the volume, this block appears and I cant switch tabs until it disappears. Very annoying. I disabled it from day 1.

Global Media controls flags are back in Canary channel, Dev channel is next :)


Awesome, thanks!
Hi, I'm from the future (over a year later!), and I have to say that @HotCakeX's solution still works!

I had this exact same issue and I just "unexpired" those flags to disable the media key. So glad I found this community and this thread. What a relief!

Thanks again!

Good news, I'm on Version 103.0.1264.37 (Official build) (64-bit) and the media key handling flag is back!

@FatherlyNick Thanks for letting me know.


Can you explain what i need to do step by step