Google search shows ad-like results that are not labeled as ads

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When using Edge with Google as the default search engine for the address bar, I always have results that look like ads (they are not relevant to my search at all) but are not labeled as ads. They appear to be "added" to the page AFTER the result page has loaded. This does not happen when I use Chrome or when I use Edge in private mode. Does anyone else experience the same thing? Is this malware? I've tried to search for info about it but found nothing.


Please see the attached video. 

Thank you.

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@andydoo try to disable your extension one by one it's possible to one of them is or hacked or a bad one in this case report it to (microsoft if you have installed it through microsoft store) or google if you have used google store

I found the cause thanks to your suggestion. It was caused by an extension called "Reading mode". The strange thing is the one I have in Edge (which was automatically imported from Chrome when I first used Edge) is different from the one currently on Chrome web store. Anyway, I reinstalled it and the problem is gone.

Thank you very much!
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thanks for starting topic,
chrome gogle translator extension made same thing in my browser