google is incompetent

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so I only went to chrome extension store to find an extension for Edge and I keep getting fake message


fdsfdsf.pngclicking on the X mark on the banner just temporarily remove it, when I go to the next page or refresh the page, it appears again! they Intentionally do this to have a spammy effect. because normally these things have memory and remember the user's action when they close a banner.


google only shows this to Edge users, other Chromium based browsers like Opera and Vivaldi don't get these messages.


this behavior shows how scared google is of Edge. and it's also super annoying.

I really hope Microsoft's Addons store gets a big portion of the extensions in there so I won't need to ever visit that website again.


unfortunately element zapper in ublock origin doesn't work in extension/addons stores so I can't use it to hide that thing. my only hope is Microsoft doing this. thanks


like other members here suggested, I really think Microsoft should deal with it through the tracking prevention and built in adblocker in Edge.





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@HotCakeX And the thing is if you try to complain about it Google fans or whoever start complaining about Microsoft doing the same for Edge.


A. Start menu suggestions can be permanently turned off


B. The recommended for Windows 10 is just blue text when you change your default browser and isn't lying.


C. The Bing one is the closest to being invasive but again it's still not actually lying.

Yeah, but let them complain and talk, it will reveal their argument and in the end how they are wrong.

google with this banner about extensions is doing it on international scale, misleading users, and without providing any reason and proof, without saying WHY Edge is not safe to use extensions in. people who are not tech savvy believe that and get fooled by google.

@HotCakeX I wrote to the developer of ublock. that's what they said. If you want to keep me on this subject. while I temporarily use Nano Adblocker

Thank you, reading the comments there, looks like they haven't decided yet on what to do


Google removes banner dissuading Edge users from running Chrome extensions.


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Update 2:


by @ericlaw 


"The stated explanation behind the original warning was that Chrome didn't realize that MSEdge maintained the ability to revoke extensions later discovered to be malicious. They didn't realize this because MSEdge does not hit Google's SafeBrowsing service for revocation information, but instead queries Microsoft's servers, which cache revocation information retrieved directly from SafeBrowsing."