Google AMP free edge

Firefox is able to show AMP-free results for searches when strict tracking policy is turned on. Please make this possible for Edge
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are you referring to Edge for mobile?

@HotCakeX ups!! yes, iOS version specifically

Have you tried setting Tracking prevention in Edge to Strict?

it's been available for a while for Edge beta on Android but I'm not sure if you have it on IOS? try to use the Beta if you're not already
Yeah I tried strict even with beta but AMP results don’t go away. I was told that Microsoft backs the AMP project but is contradictory for me the strong policy against tracking that Microsoft is putting in place and letting google ads going through the AMP loaded pages.
So you mean that when a website is full of ads/trackers and then it goes through AMP, those ads and trackers are not blocked?
or are you worried about the AMP tracker(s) itself?
Yes they are blocked since the edge ad blocker is activated, but the website address is still AMP generated by google for most searches through Google search provider. Also, since google injects those blocked ads, the blank spaces remain in the browser, which is upsetting. The fix would be just show search results without google AMP technology, which Firefox and I think Brave, do effectively.